Wombat Sand Art Kit


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This kit is suitable for older children 12+ years old (with a glass bottle)

Children will experiment using colored sand in two projects;

  1. To create an artistic sand bottle by using the designing tools.
  2. To color sand art sheets.


Some of the skills to be learned are :

  • Color matching, pattern making
  • Fine motor skills by gripping the design tools.
  • Inspires creative thinking and imagination.
  • Cultivates children’s patience.
  • Promotes self-confidence and independence when children create something from start to finish.
  • Sand activities are proven to reduce stress.



Materials Include:

  • 1x 55ml Glass bottle with cork
  • 3x Sand cards A5 Size (21x15cm)  (Choose from four different themes: Safari Animals, Sea Animals, Dinosaurs and Mini-beasts)
  • 10x Sachets coloured sand includes: red, orange, yellow, pink, green, brown, black, lavender, white& blue.
  • 1x Plastic Funnel
  • 1x Designing tool


*Recommended ages 12+

*Parental supervision is recommended.



Instructions to create the Sand Art Bottle:

  1. Hold the bottle with one hand and design with the other one.
  2. Pick out a sandbag
  3. Use the funnel to channel the sand into the tip of the bottle with minimal spillage.
  4. Start pouring some sand slowly.
  5. Layer the colors of sand to create a fun pattern
  6. As you go, use the wooden design tool to push the layers down to create designs within each layer.
  7. Make sure you fully fill the bottle before you secure the lid.
  8. Enjoy!


Instructions to color the Sand Art Cards:

  1. Place an A4 paper under the card to collect sprinkled sand & minimize mess.
  2. Use the tip of the wooden tool to peel off the adhesive parts to do one color at a time (best to start with darker colors first)
  3. Sprinkle with your choice of colored sand
  4. Use the wooden tool to spread the sand over if needed.
  5. Pour back excess sand onto a piece of paper and then into the sandbag to use for other cards.
  6. Create & Enjoy!


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Weight 0.662 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 2 cm

Sea Animals, Minibeasts, Safari Animlas, Dinosaurs


Sea Animals, Minibeasts, Safari Animlas, Dinosaurs


Sea Animals, Minibeasts, Safari Animals, Dinosaurs


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