T&C of Sand Bottle Gift

  1. Free artistic sand bottle is given to the first 50 students aged (4.5-18 yrs old) enrolled in our sand art workshops or online lessons whether its paid by card or by Creative Kids Voucher.
  2. Offer is valid until 30th June 2023 or until the limit of 50 students is reached.
  3. The free bottle measures 100ml, length 12.4cm & width 4.8cm. Example of the bottle & drawings is in the picture below. 
  4. Bottle will be decorated with coloured sand having child’s name written inside, a palm tree, a lake and mountains.
  5. Children who are attending the workshops in our place can receive the bottle on the day. If your child can’t attend for any reason, you can choose either to pick up the bottle from Casula NSW or pay for shipping cost.
  6. Parents of Children who are enrolling in an online lessons can pick up the bottle or pay for shipping fees.
  7. Parents / carers need to contact us by email: admin@rawansandart.com to organise payment of the shipping cost and/or receive the full address for pick up.
  8. Shipping fees is $12 Australia wide.