About us

About us

Let's be creative together

Welcome to our Sydney Australia online shop.

Our 16 years of experience in creating vivid colorful sand art bottles will guarantee you getting a unique art piece that you will adore.

We offer a whole range of attractive sand art bottles (finalised or customised) for everyone that will make a brilliant gifts for any occasion.

We only offer products we are proud of and if they do not exist we design them ourselves.

We have a passion for teaching youngsters sand art skills and sharing our secret, so they can experience the joy of mixing sand colours and expressing their creativity by using coloured sand instead of coloured pens this time!  We are a proud member of the NSW Creative Kids Providers team.

We also have an entertaining sand art kits for children which are excellent for group events.

We hope you enjoy exploring & shopping for our products & services.

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Rawan A

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