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Drawing inside bottles with coloured sand is our unique specialty! #1 NSW Creative Kids Provider Teaching children unique sand Art

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Apply for the 2023 Creative Kids Voucher and use it to enrol your child in our Sand Art classes!


We have launched our online and Face-to-Face sand art workshops designed for school-aged children (4.5-18 years old) 

NSW parents can redeem the 2023 $100 CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER for Three classes OR Two online lessons (40mins each).

Head to our Shop to book fun classes for your children.

Our classes are unique, fun filled and taught by a professional artist.

Sand Art activities are proven to relax the mind and teach many skills


Shop for a fantastic and unique finished sand art masterpieces from our sand art shop.

Thinking about a special gift for loved ones?

Send us their name to draw inside a bottle crafted with vivid & colourful natural scene.

Business logo can be drawn inside a bottle too!



We have fun & interactive Sand Art kits with discounted prices ready for Kids Birthday Parties, School Fetes, Child Care Centres, Camps etc …

CONTACT US now for your event no matter how big is the number.

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