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Date & Time

 Two online lessons (40mins/lesson Total of 1 hr 20 mins)  given on the same day
Scheduled every Sunday as follows:
 From 8:25am-9:45am for age group 4.5+
From 10:00am-11:20am for age group 12+


Steps of  booking the lessons:

  1. Purchase the online lessons by adding your order to the cart
  2. Use coupon CREATIVE22 if paying with the CKV, your total will be $0
  3. If you wish, add the materials needed by visiting our shop
  4. Add the CKV details in its fields at checkout 
  5. Put your preferred lesson’s date at checkout in the special instructions field. ( There will be no classes from March 26th until April 26th ( we will resume every Sunday from April 30th 2023)


*If you wish to book other time and can bring at least 4 attendees, please contact us to organise a booking time that suites you and us.

The primary focus of the lesson

 Children will learn how to use coloured sand to create two projects:

  1. To create an artistic sand art bottle by using designing tools
  2. To colour sand art sheets


Suitable ages:

Lessons will be conducted for two age groups on different days for 95 mins on Microsoft Team.

  • Children aged 4.5-11 years old will learn the foundation skills of sand art by using designing tools to create patterns and drawings inside a bottle. An excellent way to enhance their fine motor skills

They will also learn how to colour sand art sheets. This promotes their imagination and creativity.

  • Children aged 12+years old will have a more advanced lesson. We will teach them how to create an artistic piece of sand art bottle. They will learn how to draw mountains, birds, sun inside a bottle with coloured sand.


Some of the skills to be learned are :

  • Colour matching, pattern making
  • Fine motor skills by gripping the design tools.
  • Inspires creative thinking and imagination.
  • Cultivates children’s patience.
  • Promotes self-confidence and independence when children create something from start to finish.
  •  Sand activities are proven to reduce stress.


Materials :

          Please note materials are not covered with the $100 CreativeKidsVoucher.

We recommend having the materials before the lesson starts to help your child achieve the lesson’s goals.

You can buy the materials needed from our shop  we recommend the kookabura kit foe ages 12+ and any kit with plastic bottles for ages 5+ (we will send extra plastic bottle (50ml) for learning purposes for this age group . You can bring your own materials or source them elsewhere if you wish

Your child will need:

  • At least 5 different colours of coloured sand
  • Plastic bottle ( for ages 4.5-11yrs) or glass (for ages 12+) with a lid and wide open (recommended size is 50 ml for age group 4.5 and 100ml for age group 12+)
  • Designing tools;

-Small plastic funnel size 4x3cm

-Thin paint brush or wooden stick

-Plastic spoon

  • Sand Art adhesive sheets for age group (4.5-11yrs)


*Parental Supervision is recommended especially for younger ages.

Lessons are scheduled online on Microsoft Teams 

Spots are limited to 20 attendees, reserve a spot for your child today to avoid disappointment.

Additional information

Kangaroo Sand Art Kit

kangaroo kit

Platypus Sand Art Kit

Platypus kit

Koala Sand Art Kit

Koala kit

Kookaburra Sand Art Kit

Kookaburra kit

No Materials

No Materials


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